Summer is Over…Here’s Where You Can Still Swim in NYC

Summer is long over and those days in the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore are becoming a distant memory. Luckily, you don’t need to leave the comfort of the city if you’re still looking to make a splash! Below are the top pools in NYC to help you get over your summertime sadness.

Relax at the exclusive hydrotherapy spa pools designed with different “stations” of aqua-jet nozzles that target specific areas of the body. Whether you want to look out over the city from the rooftop or stay cool inside, Premier57’s pools are some of the best in NYC. For just $75 for the day pass, you can enjoy these rooftop views from sun-up to sun-down.

Gansevoort Park:
This is the pool to indulge in. Even for the high price, this rooftop pool is hard to beat for an afternoon swim. The hotel offers a $250 package that includes a day pass, $75 in food and drinks, a discount on spa treatments and more.

McCarren Hotel and Pool
This chic Manhattan-style pool is in the heart of Brooklyn. Reservations are a must. Arrive early to scope out the best seat and lounge in cabanas or pool chairs for an extra fee. Reserve your pool day online for only $45 on weekdays and $65 on weekends.

My ongoing quest to opt-out from GOLF Magazine emails

Around 2004 I belonged to a country club and started playing golf. For Christmas that year my mother got me a subscription to GOLF Magazine — I also started receiving emails from them. A few years later we moved back to NYC which meant no more country club and no more golf…and along the way I have tried to unsubscribe from these emails multiple times. 

But I keep receiving them…and by now this has been going on (somewhat sporadically) for probably more than 10 YEARS! My email has also changed along the way and these emails followed me. I got another one last week and I have unsubscribed AGAIN.

Since I work in the email industry I’m probably more aware than most consumers of when I unsubscribe to something and then keep receiving the emails — especially when it is very sporadic.  In the case of GOLF Magazine sometimes I don’t receive anything for a year or two and then POOF I’m back on the list.

Keeping up with a database of opt-outs across various platforms and databases is no small task but I’m fairly certain a large company like Time Inc. has ample resources and vendors to do the job.

I’m hoping my most recent “unsubscribe” finally does the trick.