Canada…Like Marketing to US Consumers…Only Different

It may be cold up there in Canada but they have cities with European charm, free healthcare, a family-friendly maternity leave policy and a propensity to travel.

In fact, Canadians make twice the number of international leisure trips than US consumers. And while Canadians are open to emerging destinations the United States remains a steady favorite – with 72% of Canadian vacations taking place to the US (Florida tops this list). And since sun and beach vacations also rank high on their list of travel plans the Caribbean, Cuba and Dominican Republic have seen growing numbers of Canuck visitors.

When Canadians travel to Europe, France and the United Kingdom are the most popular destinations. And, if you go on a cruise I can pretty much guarantee you will meet at least a handful of Canadians.

Travel marketers should be focussing on getting a piece of this potentially lucrative audience with a separate and distinct strategy. Canadians are active on social media, comfortable with technology and will respond to digital media and traditional media campaigns. Canada’s strict (and strictly-enforced) Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is different than the US laws and makes marketing via email and retargeting more challenging. On the flip side, having these laws in place ensures that marketers are paying to reach consumers who want to engage with brands in this manner.

Like their US counterparts, Canadian millennials travel more than other age groups and while they are very dependent on their digital devices, Neilsen research shows that “more than 90% of millennials make purchases based on direct mail.”*

Cruise lines, destinations, airlines, tour companies and all-inclusive resorts can all benefit from marketing specifically to Canadians – armed with an understanding of where they are most likely to travel and what they like to do once there.

Ready to get started? Check out our list of marketing partners and options for reaching Canadians with direct mail or fully CASL certified email and direct mail campaigns.

*Canada Post – Marketing to Canadian millenial travelers – 2015.